Students are welcomed to our school by the Link Crew, a group of 60+ students who are chosen based on kindness to encourage and support new students when they enter our building.  The Link Crew offers an orientation program on the Thursday before school returns in August.  Each student is placed on a Link Crew and will meet several new friends before school begins.  Their Link Leader will follow their progress throughout their first semester and help them become comfortable in our school.  

Link Crew offers activities throughout the first semester including gr. 9 Retreats, Cookies/Cocoa and Cram (exam study groups), Gr. 9 Dance and more. These students can be recognized by their unique shirts they wear during the first week of school and during events so they are identifiable.  

Students are encouraged to become active in our school community.  St. Peter has many clubs, trips, volunteer activities and fundraisers.  Each student has unique gifts and talents that he/she can share, and that make our school a great place to be.

Just like the educational programs that we offer, our extracurricular activities complement theCatholic Graduate Expectations(CGE) in that they:

  • develop well-rounded individuals;
  • provide for success outside the classroom;
  • foster the development of school community; and
  • develop a positive self-image.

We expect that all students participating in extra-curricular activities will:

  • maintain an acceptable academic standing;
  • minimize class time missed;
  • be in regular attendance for the school day on which the activity occurs; and
  • arrange to have assignments submitted prior to an absence for an extra-curricular activity.

The more involved you become at our school, the more you will enjoy your years here. Take a chance and try something new!   Join our school community in all that it has to offer.